Host your reunion at Merrill House in Andover, Maine

Plan your family or friends reunion!

In a world where everything is spinning, and a time that insists we speed up to keep up; wouldn’t it be nice sometime to step back, unload, and recharge? Many of us miss out on spending time together, seeing other family members and old friends for sharing milestones and the  moments of our lives.  Celebrating and supporting each other  is not always easy in our day-to-day circles and commitments.

This is when an old fashioned gathering for a family or friends reunion can make such great, lasting memories. Special events and occasions bring us together too, but getting together just to celebrate each other and our memories and connections is special enough. Often it’s where cousins, nieces and nephews and the whole gamut of relations can come together to truly get to know each other. Sometimes its their first chance to become acquainted in the casual fun of a family function.

Merrill House offers just that. In a space as charming as your own grand memories of old. Bringing together a historical setting, legendary architecture and furnished with traditional charm. Enjoy quaint decor with luxuriously comfortable furnishings and bedding. All our signature classic details add to the setting for your accommodation  Our original  country kitchens and great rooms are filled with inviting comforts and uniquely inviting gathering spaces for fun and games.

Let the kids jump in the pond for a fresh dip and set a picnic on the lawn for a game of croquet or wander in the expansive landscape for an afternoon of sights and scenery. Many outdoor activities are also within easy reach if hiking or boating is your fancy.

This historic lodge is filled with classic elegance in a warm, exclusive, and intimate environment. Book your next epic memory today!