Because we are a registered historical home, we must limit pet accommodations. Pets are generally not permitted without specific written permission of Merrill House. Of course, service animals are always welcome. Please observe all standard sanitary customs (no animals on the furniture, clean up your animal waste, etc).

Specific additional fees and security deposit will be required.

Smoking Policy

MERRILL HOUSE IS A NON-SMOKING FACILITY. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED WITHIN ANY OF THE STRUCTURES ON THE PROPERTY. Smoking is permitted out-of-doors only –you must properly extinguish, pickup and dispose of all cigarette butts, matches and any other smoking materials.

Rental Party Maximum Guests

Cold weather rentals (November through April): Maximum of 14 overnight guests.
Warm weather rentals (May through October): Maximum of 32 overnight guests.
Outdoor event rentals: Maximum of 200 day-of-event guests
Indoor event rentals: Maximum of 75 day-of-event guests

The above maximums are guidelines for the facility.  Rental party overnight and event maximum guest counts are agreed separately for each event.

Overnight and day-of-event usage rentals are priced separately. Grounds fees may apply for all rentals.


Parking is limited to driveways and is not permitted on lawns or fields without written permission from the Rental Manager.

Amenities / Cleaning

Merrill House will provide bed and bath linens for overnight guests. Merrill House is professionally cleaned prior to arrival. Rentals will incur a minimum cleaning fee, and may be charged for additional laundry, trash removal, and other services. Daily cleaning services are not included and can be arranged separately through the Rental Manager.
Renter agrees to leave the property broom-swept and neat indoors with household items put away in an orderly manner, grounds clean and items put away. All trash must be bagged and placed in the provided containers in the designated trash area.

Bathrooms / Septic

Bathrooms in the house are available for event and overnight guests. For events with more than 25 guests, portable toilets (minimum 1 per 75 guests or any fraction thereof) may be required to be provided by the Rental Party. Please note that groups larger than 25 will stress the fresh water supply and septic, and that water and bathroom usage must be managed conservatively for satisfactory performance. Specifically, large groups should direct bathroom usage to the portable toilets as much as reasonably possible.


Before any reservation can be confirmed, a deposit of 50% of the total rental fee is required, payable by check. In the event of cancellation, a $50 booking fee will be deducted from any applicable refund. Without written cancellation notice 60 days prior to arrival, deposit is non-refundable. Merrill House may cancel rental agreements for its own reasons including but not limited to loss of use, in which case deposits will be refunded.

Final Payment / Cancellation Policy

Upon confirmation of the reservation, the balance of the rental fee plus applicable security deposit is due and payable. The balance of the rental fee plus security deposit must be received at least 30 days in advance of the rental to avoid cancellation. Within 60 days of the rental the rental fee is non-refundable.

Use of Pond, River, Grounds and Facilities At Own Risk

Merrill House Partners, LLC provides access to the pond and river on the property, and to the property grounds, and to the facilities, collectively, the “Property”, to the Renter and their guests for their enjoyment within the agreed use.  Renter and their guests agree to use the Property at their own risk.  Merrill House waives responsibility for personal injury, loss or damage arising out of Renter or guests’ use of or presence on the Property, whether caused by the Renter, their guests, or third parties.

Limitation of Liability

The liability of Merrill House Partners, LLC or its agents shall be limited to the amount of any rentals and deposits paid. In no event shall Merrill House Partners, LLC or its agents be liable for consequential damages. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Security Deposit

A security deposit will be held separately against costs including but not limited to damages, breakage, excessive wear and tear or cleaning requirements, and use of the telephone. These costs are deducted from the amount of the deposit and the balance of the deposit will be returned within 30 days of departure. In the event that these costs exceed the amount of the deposit, the Rental Party will be the responsible party. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions of this rental agreement may result in forfeiture of the security deposit, at the discretion of the Rental Manager.