Merrill House was established by early Yankee settlers in 1791 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The first home was originally a log cabin. Today it is a classic early American country lodge and estate. The home is situated in Maine’s beautiful western mountains in view of majestic Baldpate and nestled in the winding Ellis River valley. Merrill House has been solidly standing in New England’s picturesque countryside for more than two centuries. For more, see: Origins of Merrill House.

Contributions from Stanford White Architecture and landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted were made to the buildings and grounds by Henry Varnum Poor, of Standard and Poor fame during his lifetime and residence.  The historical integrity has been maintained while contemporary services and comforts have been added, through ongoing efforts to preserve and improve the property for current and future generations.

An overview of the Merrill House history that we prepared for local school systems is available here:  History of the Merrill House

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